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chrysotaenia, Rasbora Arnold [J. P.] (ex Ahl) 1936:100, Fig. [Taschenkalender für Aquarien-und Terrarienfreunde v. 29 (1937); ref. 30190] Sumatra (?). Syntypes: (4) ZMB 20874 (1). Types mentioned: Paepke 1995:91 [ref. 21847]. Described in more detail by Ahl 1937:114 [ref. 15261]. Arnold made the name available and he (unfortunately) is the author; Ahl suggested the name but did not participate in the act that made the name available. •Valid as Rasbora chrysotaenia Arnold 1936 (often seen as Ahl 1937) -- (Brittan 1954:172 [ref. 646], Kottelat 1991:179 [ref. 13597], Kottelat et al. 1993:45 [ref. 23448], Doi 1997:12 [ref. 22832], Liao et al. 2010:166 [ref. 30521], Kottelat 2013:152 [ref. 32989]). Current status: Valid as Rasbora chrysotaenia Arnold 1936. Danionidae: Rasborinae. Distribution: Malaysia and Indonesia. Habitat: freshwater.

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