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rubrotinctus, Systomus Jerdon [T. C.] 1849:317 [Madras Journal of Literature and Science v. 15 (pt 2); ref. 4902] Kabini River, India [original: Manantoddy [Mananthavadi] River, Kabini River drainage, Kerala, southern India]. Neotype: ZS/SRS F.8373 (71.8 mm SL). Originally as rubro-tinctus. Neotype selected by Knight et al. 2011:1687 [ref. 31267]. Combined with a feminine genus, the name should be rubrotincta. •Synonym of Puntis arulius, subspecies arulius (Jerdon 1849) -- (Menon 1999:87 [ref. 24904]). •Valid as Puntius rubrotinctus (Jerdon 1849) -- (Knight et al. 2011:1687 [ref. 31267]). •Valid as Dawkinsia rubrotincta (Jerdon 1849) -- (Pethiyagoda et al. 2012:80 [ref. 32071] as rubrotinctus, Bleher 2018:424 [ref. 36647] as rubrotinctus, Katwate et al. 2020:231 [ref. 37497], Katwate et al. 2020:726 [ref. 37975], Sudasinghe et al. 2021:[3] [ref. 38706]). Current status: Valid as Dawkinsia rubrotincta (Jerdon 1849). Cyprinidae: Smiliogastrinae. Distribution: South Asia: Cauvery River basin (southern India). Habitat: freshwater.

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