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bovanicus, Barbus Day [F.] 1877:[566], Pl. 138 (fig. 1) [The fishes of India Part 3; ref. 4886] Bowany River, base of Neilgherry hills, Madras, India. Syntypes and/or Day specimens: AMS B.7829 (1, syntype), BMNH 1889.2.1.549-550 (2), NMW 53964 (1), ZSI F2384 (1). Type catalog: Whitehead & Talwar 1976:155 [ref. 23762], Ferraris et al. 2000:295 [ref. 25110]. The plate was published first (1877) with the spelling bovianicus; bovanicus in the text (p. 566) in 1878. Named for the Bhavani [Bowany in Day] River, so bovianicus is regarded as probably in error. The spelling bovanicus was given precedence by Pethiyagoda et al. 2012:00 [ref. 32071]. •Valid as Puntius bovanicus (Day 1877) -- (Talwar & Jhingran 1991:261 [ref. 20764], Manimekalan 1998:435 [ref. 24989]). •Valid as Barbodes bovanicus (Day 1877) -- (Menon 1999:68 [ref. 24904], Bleher 2018:334 [ref. 36647]). Current status: Valid as Barbodes bovanicus (Day 1877). Cyprinidae: Smiliogastrinae. Distribution: Upper Bhavani and Krishna River basins, southern India. Habitat: freshwater.

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