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labiosa, Barbus massaensis var. Pellegrin [J.] 1922:105 [Bulletin de la Société des sciences naturelles du Maroc v. 2; ref. 15368] Oued Massa, Oued Avt el Hadj, Morocco. Lectotype: MNHN 1922-0053. Paralectotypes: MNHN 1922-0054 (1). Type catalog: Bertin & Estève 1948:36 [ref. 19574]. Lectotype selected by Almaça 1969:1137 [ref. 20712]. Species name correct as labiosus due to masculine gender of genus Barbus. Not "Luciobarbus labiosus (Pellegrin 1920)" = Luciobarbus maghrebensis Doadrio, Perea & Yahyaoui 2015 [ref. 33943]. •Synonym of Barbus callensis Valenciennes 1842 -- (Lévêque & Daget 1984:235 [ref. 6186]). •Valid as Luciobarbus labiosus (Pellegrin 1922) -- (Levin et al. 2012:544 [ref. 33912] as labiosa, Geiger et al. 2014:Table S2 [ref. 37408]). •Possibly synonym of Luciobarbus massaensis (Pellegrin 1922) -- (Casal-Lopez et al. 2015:9 [ref. 33943], not preoccupied by the unavailable Barbus setivimensis var. labiosa Pellegrin 1920). Current status: Uncertain as Luciobarbus labiosus (Pellegrin 1922). Cyprinidae: Barbinae. Distribution: Morocco Habitat: freshwater.

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