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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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modesta, Atherinichthys Castelnau [F. L.] 1872:136 [Proceedings of the Zoological and Acclimatisation Society of Victoria, Melbourne v. 1; ref. 757] Hobson's Bay and lower Yarra River, Victoria, Australia. Syntypes: MNHN A-4368 (1) (esox), A-4731 (2) (microstoma). Type catalog: Blanc & Hureau 1971:713-714 [ref. 21541]. •Specimen MNHN A-4368 is a synonym of Atherinason esox (Klunzinger 1872) -- (Paxton et al. 1989:355 [ref. 12442]) and MNHN A.4731 (2) is a synonym of Atherinosoma microstoma (Günther 1861) -- (Paxton et al. 1989:356 [ref. 12442]). •Synonym of Atherinosoma microstoma (Günther 1861) -- (Paxton et al. 2006:704 [ref. 28995]). •Specimen A-4368 is a synonym of Kestratherina esox (Klunzinger 1872) -- (Paxton et al. 2006:711 [ref. 28995]). Current status: Synonym of Atherinosoma microstoma (G√ľnther 1861). Atherinidae: Atherininae. Habitat: freshwater, brackish, marine.