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elongatus, Pseudoambassis Castelnau [F. L.] 1878:44 [Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales v. 3 (pt 1); ref. 762] Norman River, Queensland, Australia. Lectotype: MAMU F.431 [larger specimen, 1 of 2]. Paralectotype: MAMU F.431 (1 of 2, smaller specimen). Type catalog: Bauchot & Desoutter 1987:100 [ref. 12478], Gill et al. 2018:569 [ref. 36070]. Lectotype selected by Whitley 1935 [ref. 4684], Allen et al. 2006:971 [ref. 29066] mention a lectotype in MAMU. The species epithet elongatus is an adjective and should be spelled elongata when in Ambassis. •Valid as Ambassis elongata (Castelnau 1878) -- (Paxton et al. 1989:485 [ref. 12442] as elongatus, Allen & Burgess 1990:161 [ref. 15712] as elongatus, Unmack 2001:1062 [ref. 25797] as elongatus, Allen et al. 2002:182 [ref. 25930] as elongatus, Allen et al. 2006:971 [ref. 29066] as elongatus, Pusey et al. 2017:51 [ref. 35250], Gill et al. 2018:568 [ref. 36070] as elongatus). Current status: Valid as Ambassis elongata (Castelnau 1878). Ambassidae. Distribution: Australia. Habitat: freshwater.

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