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gibbosus, Diagramma Hombron [J. B.] & Jacquinot [H.] in Jacquinot & Guichenot 1853:46, Pl. 5 (fig. 2) [Voyage au Pôle Sud et dans l'Oceanie v. 3 (pt 2); ref. 18307] Samoa. Perhaps not the same as Holocentrus gibbosus Lacepède 1801 which had an Atlantic type locality (Suriname) that is regarded as in error. At present, gibbosus Hombron & Jacquinot 1853 is a secondary homonym of guttatus Lacepède 1802; we suggest continuing with authorship as Lacepède. •Synonym of Plectorhinchus gibbosus (Lacepède 1802) -- (Manilo & Bogorodsky 2003:S109 [ref. 27377], Peristiwady et al. in Kimura & Matsuura 2003:96 [ref. 27510], Kottelat 2013:348 [ref. 32989], Parenti 2019:181 [ref. 37021]). Current status: Synonym of Plectorhinchus gibbosus (Lacepède 1802). Haemulidae: Plectorhinchinae. Habitat: brackish, marine.

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