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bloyeti, Hemichromis Sauvage [H.-E.] 1883:159 [16] [Bulletin de la Société philomathique de Paris (7th Série) v. 7; ref. 3897] Kandoa, Tanzania [Mkondowa River near Kilosa]. Syntypes: BMNH 1898.2.15.2 [ex MNHN] (1), MNHN A-6513 (5). Type catalog: Blanc 1962:212 [ref. 20868] as bloyetti. On p. 16 of separate. •Valid as Haplochromis bloyeti (Sauvage 1883) -- (van Oijen et al. 1991:109 [ref. 20956], Seegers 1996:281 [ref. 23725], Seegers et al. 2003:43 [ref. 28087] as aff. bloyeti). •See Astatotilapia cf. bloyeti in Teugels & Thys van den Audenaerde in Lévêque et al. 1992:726 [ref. 21590]. •Valid as Astatotilapia bloyeti (Sauvage 1883) -- (Lévèque et al. 1991:145 [ref. 31367], Trape 2016:533 [ref. 34893]). Current status: Valid as Astatotilapia bloyeti (Sauvage 1883). Cichlidae: Pseudocrenilabrinae. Distribution: East Africa: coastal rivers, Tanzania. Habitat: freshwater.

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