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latifrons, Acara Steindachner [F.] 1878:89 [Anzeiger der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien, Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Classe v. 15 (no. 12) (for 9 May 1878); ref. 20476] Cienaga, Río Magdalena, Colombia; Panama. Syntypes: (several) NMW. Species originally described as above, later described as Acara coeruleo-punctata var. latifrons in more detail in Steindachner 1879:27 [p. 11 of separate] [ref. 4227]. •Valid as Aequidens latifrons (Steindachner 1878) -- (Bussing 1998:311 [ref. 24179], Kullander in Reis et al. 2003:608 [ref. 27061]). •Valid as Andinoacara latifrons (Steindachner 1878) -- (Musilová et al. 2009:7 [ref. 30201], Musilová et al. 2009:131 [ref. 30601], Schindler & Morgenstern 2010:116 [ref. 31245], Wijkmark et al. 2012:118 [ref. 32299], Musilová et al. 2015:339 [ref. 35426], DoNascimiento et al. 2017:99 [ref. 35633]). Current status: Valid as Andinoacara latifrons (Steindachner 1878). Cichlidae: Cichlinae. Distribution: Magdalena, Atrato, Sinú and San Juan River basins, Colombia. Habitat: freshwater.