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kozovi, Limnocottus Taliev [D. N.] 1946:737, Fig. 1 [Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, Ser. A (Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences de l'URSS), Leningrad v. 52 (no. 8); ref. 13135] Baunt Lake, east of Lake Baikal, Vitim River basin, Buryatia, Russia [in error for Lake Baikal]. Holotype (unique): ZIN 49713. Sideleva (pers. comm.) indicates that this species does not occur in Baunt Lake. •Valid as Asprocottus kozovi (Taliev 1946) -- (Taliev 1955:339 [ref. 4316]). •Valid as Limnocottus kozovi Taliev 1946 -- (Berg 1949:1164 [ref. 20662]). •Valid as Asprocottus kozovi (Taliev 1946) -- (Taliev 1955:75 [ref. 4316]). •Synonym of Limnocottus megalops (Gratzianov 1902) -- (Sideleva 1998:157 [ref. 23595]). •Synonym of Cyphocottus megalops (Gratzianov 1902) -- (Sideleva 2003:191 [ref. 27815]). Current status: Synonym of Cyphocottus megalops (Gratzianov 1902). Cottidae. Habitat: freshwater.