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lepidothorax, Drombus halei Whitley [G. P.] 1945:37 [Australian Zoologist v. 11 (pt 1); ref. 4707] Denham, Shark Bay, Western Australia, Australia. Syntypes: WAM P.2667-001 to P.2673-001 (7). Type catalog: Hutchins & Smith 1991:39 [ref. 19335], Moore et al. 2008:43 [ref. 30117]. Type locality confused by some authors as Flinders Island (northern Queensland, Australia), which is the type locality of Drombus halei Whitrley 1945. •Valid as Drombus lepidothorax Whitley 1945 -- (Hutchins 2001:43 [ref. 25847], Hoese & Larson 2006:1641 [ref. 29097], Parenti 2021:133 [ref. 38603]). Current status: Valid as Drombus lepidothorax Whitley 1945. Gobiidae: Gobiinae. Distribution: Eastern Indian Ocean: Shark Bay (Western Australia) endemic. Habitat: marine.

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