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margaritiferus, Amphacanthus Valenciennes [A.] in Cuvier & Valenciennes 1835:145 [Histoire naturelle des poissons v. 10; ref. 1004] Ambon Island, Molucca Islands, Indonesia; Vanikoro Island, Santa Cruz Islands, southwestern Pacific. Syntypes: MNHN A-6943 (1) Vanikoro, MNHN A-6942 (1) Ambon; BMNH 1863.11.12.17 (holotype of canaliculatus Park). Type catalog: Bauchot 1965:573 [ref. 19223]; Bauchot gives numbers and localities as above; Woodland has A.6942 from Vanikoro and A.6943 from Ambon (correct number/locality not investigated). •Synonym of Siganus fuscescens (Houttuyn 1782) -- (Woodland 1990:55 [ref. 19220], Kottelat 2013:440 [ref. 32989]). •Valid as Siganus margaritiferus (Valenciennes 1835) -- (Kuiter 1997:374 [ref. 25488], Kuiter & Debelius 2001:152 [ref. 26232], Allen & Erdmann 2012:1011 [ref. 31980]). Current status: Valid as Siganus margaritiferus (Valenciennes 1835). Siganidae. Distribution: Eastern Indian Ocean, western Pacific: Andaman Islands to Solomon Islands, north to Japan, south to northern Australia. Habitat: marine.

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