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nozawae, Stromatioides Ishikawa [C.] 1904:8 [Proceedings of the Department of Natural History, Tokyo Imperial Museum v. 1; ref. 9847] Kanagawa, Japan. Holotype (unique): (stuffed) whereabouts unknown. The name nozawae is the correct original spelling and should not be emended (not excluded by Art. 32); prevailing usage has not established the spelling nozawai. •Synonym of Pampus argenteus (Euphrasen 1788) -- (Lindberg & Krasyukova 1975:334 [ref. 7348]). •Synonym of Pampus cinereus in part -- (Liu et al. 2013:145 [ref. 32759]). •Valid as Pampus nozawae (Ishikawa 1904) -- (Cheng & Zhou 1997:358 [ref. 26385], Jawad & Jig 2016:9 [ref. 34344]). Current status: Valid as Pampus nozawae (Ishikawa 1904). Stromateidae. Distribution: Western North Pacific. Habitat: marine.

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