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barbata, Scorpaena Rüppell [W. P. E. S.] 1838:105, Pl. 27 (fig. 1) [Neue Wirbelthiere zu der Fauna von Abyssinien gehörig. Fische des Rothen Meeres; ref. 3844] Massawa, Eritrea, Red Sea. Holotype (unique): SMF 1381. Scorpaenopsis is feminine, so correct spelling is barbata. Preoccupied by Scorpaena barbata Bonnaterre 1788, but available due to reversal of precedence following ICZN Art. 23.9 (see also comments under Scorpaena barbata Bonnaterre 1788). We are aware of 25 publications that use Scorpaenopsis barbata or barbatus as valid, published in 1984-2013 (R. Fricke, personal communication, Apr. 2016), to meet the conditions of ICZN Art. •Valid as Scorpaenopsis barbata (Rüppell 1838) -- (Dor 1984:83 [ref. 29757], Goren & Dor 1994:22 [ref. 25356] as barbatus, Randall 1995:111 [ref. 22896] as barbatus, Carpenter et al. 1997:137 [ref. 23922] as barbatus, Randall & Eschmeyer 2002:13 [ref. 25801], Manilo & Bogorodsky 2003:S102 [ref. 27377], Motomura et al. 2011:67 [ref. 31308], Fricke et al. 2013:208 [ref. 32769], Golani & Fricke 2018:55 [ref. 36273], Eagderi et al. 2019:128 [ref. 37020], Zajonz et al. 2019:68 [ref. 36871], Poss & Motomura 2022:538 [ref. 39725]). Current status: Valid as Scorpaenopsis barbata (Rüppell 1838). Scorpaenidae: Scorpaeninae. Distribution: Red Sea; northwestern Indian Ocean: Somalia and Socotra (Yemen) to Persian Gulf. Habitat: marine.

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