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koumansi, Gnatholepis Herre [A. W. C. T.] in Herre & Myers 1937:39, Pl. 1 [Bulletin of the Raffles Museum No. 13; ref. 2123] Malacca Straits, 100 miles west of Singapore, off the northern coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Holotype (unique): CAS-SU 30959. Type catalog: Koumans 1940:152 [ref. 2676], Böhlke 1953:113 [ref. 12291]. Subjectively invalid; secondarily preoccupied by Acentrogobius koumansi Norman 1935 when both are in Acentrogobius, replaced by Acentrogobius herrei Koumans 1940:152 [ref. 2676]. •A species of the genus Aulopareia -- (Randall & Greenfield 2001:1 [ref. 25675], Larson & Buckle 2012:5 [ref. 32272]). •Valid as Aulopareia koumansi (Herre 1937) -- (Larson & Murdy 2001:3595 [ref. 26293]). 1°Homonym. Current status: Valid as Aulopareia koumansi (Herre 1937). Gobiidae: Gobiinae. Distribution: Indonesia. Habitat: marine.