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liolepis, Callogobius Koumans [F. P.] (ex Bleeker) 1931:75 [A preliminary revision of the genera of the gobioid fishes; ref. 5623] Ambon, Moluccas. Lectotype: RMNH,PISC. 4411. Paralectotypes: RMNH.PISC. 368563 [ex 4411] (1). Koumans described as, "Callogobius liolepis Blkr. (Museum name) differs from C. hasselti ..." Koumans is apparently the author of the description, and the name belongs to Koumans 1931; but if he took the description from Bleeker, then it belongs to Bleeker. Lectotype selected by Delventhal & Mooi 2014:571 [ref. 33168]. •Valid as Callogobius liolepis Koumans 1931 -- (Larson & Murdy 2001:3595 [ref. 26293]). •Valid as Gobiopsis liolepis (Koumans 1831) -- (Delventhal & Mooi 2014:571 [ref. 33168] as Bleeker in Koumans 1931). Current status: Valid as Gobiopsis liolepis (Koumans 1931). Gobiidae: Gobiinae. Distribution: Andaman sea eastward to southern Japan through Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia. Habitat: marine.

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