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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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vombergi, Cichlosoma Ladiges [W.] 1938:18, Figs. 1-2 [Zoologischer Anzeiger v. 123 (nos 1-2); ref. 17155] Rio Yague del Sur, Santo Domingo. Holotype (unique): ZMH H401. Type catalog: Ladiges et al. 1958:164 [ref. 19181], Wilkens & Dohse 1993:406 [ref. 21161]. Named after a women, so emendation to vombergae was made. Original genus should have been Cichlasoma. •Valid as Cichlasoma vombergae Ladiges 1938 -- (Conkel 1993:135 [ref. 22949]). •Valid as Nandopsis vombergae (Ladiges 1938) -- (Burgess 2000:48 [ref. 24818], Kullander in Reis et al. 2003:639 [ref. 27061]). •Synonym of Nandopsis haitiensis (Tee-Van 1935) -- (Chakrabarty 2006:4 [ref. 28471]). Current status: Synonym of Nandopsis haitiensis (Tee-Van 1935). Cichlidae: Cichlinae. Distribution: Dominican Republic. Habitat: freshwater.

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