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australis, Myxine Jenyns [L.] 1842:159 [The zoology of the voyage of H. M. S. Beagle; ref. 2344] Goree Sound and elsewhere in Tierra del Fuego. Syntypes: UMZC AG.164 [Darwin no. 515] (1). The description was based on UMZC AG.164; but since multiple localities are mentioned, we prefer to treat this specimen as the surviving syntype, or the only saved syntype. •Synonym of Myxine glutinosa Linnaeus 1758 -- (Lloris & Rucabado 1991:23 [ref. 22530]). •Valid as Myxine australis Jenyns 1842 -- (Fernholm 1990:77 [ref. 21677], Wisner & McMillan 1995:538 [ref. 21653], Pequeño 1997:78 [ref. 23536], Fernholm 1998:35 [ref. 23976], Pequeño 2000:84 [ref. 25224], Mincarone & Soto 2001:126 [ref. 37065], Mok & Kuo 2001:295 [ref. 25547], Mok 2002:59 [ref. 25976], Mincarone in Menezes et al. 2003:21 [ref. 27192], Møller et al. 2005:381 [ref. 28233], Knapp et al. 2011:404 [ref. 37507], Mabragaña et al. 2011:table S2 [ref. 31800]). Current status: Valid as Myxine australis Jenyns 1842. Myxinidae: Myxininae. Distribution: Southeastern Pacific, southwestern Atlantic: Straits of Magellan; Tierra del Fuego; southern Coast of Chile and Argentina; southern Brazil. Habitat: marine.