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electricus, Silurus Bonnaterre [J. P.] 1788:156, Pl. 62 (fig. 245) [Tableau encyclopédique et méthodique des trois règnes de la nature... Ichthyologie; ref. 4940] Nile River at Banhā, Egypt, 30°28'N 31°11'E. Neotype: BMNH 1907.12.2.2547. Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:301 [ref. 29155]. Predates and is independent of, but based on the same source as, Silurus electricus Gmelin 1789. The ICZN established the type of Malapterus with authorship as Gmelin and placed it on the Official List, so that name/authorship probably should remain as the valid species. See Norris 2002:32 [ref. 27470]; Norris 2002:34 also designated the neotype for electricus Bonnaterre to agree with the neotype of electricus Gmelin. Based, though not explicitly stated, on Raja torpedo (non Linnaeus 1758) of Forsskål 1775:viii, 15 [ref. 1351] from River Nile. •In the synonymy of Malapterurus electricus (Gmelin 1789) -- (Norris 2002:32 [ref. 27470], Ferraris 2007:301 [ref. 29155]). Current status: Synonym of Malapterurus electricus (Gmelin 1789). Malapteruridae. Habitat: freshwater.

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