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fahaka, Tetraodon Hasselquist [F.] 1762:441 [Reise nach Palästina; ref. 18250] Nile River around Cairo, Egypt. Holotype (unique): NRM 82. Type catalog: Fernholm & Wheeler 1983:276-277 [ref. 20707]. Not available, published in a rejected work (ICZN Opinion 57); subsequent validation not researched. Also a vernacular name, no scientific name. Based on Hasselquist 1757:400 [ref. 30181], also a rejected work (ICZN Opinion 57). Named spelled fahaca by Linnaeus 1758:333 [ref. 2787] in synonymy of Tetraodon lineatus. Appeared in a footnote as name only in Rüppell 1829:5 [ref. 22233]. •In the synonymy of Tetraodon lineatus Linnaeus 1758 -- (Roberts 1986:434 [ref. 6223], Lévêque et al. 1989:123 [ref. 26480] and Lévèque et al. 1991:146 [ref. 31367] with author and date as Rüppell 1829, Ebert 2001:23 [ref. 25494], Seegers et al. 2003:47 [ref. 28087] with author and date as Rüppell 1829, Fricke 2008:59 [ref. 30182]). Current status: Synonym of Tetraodon lineatus Linnaeus 1758. Tetraodontidae.