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lima, Balistes Bennett [E. T.] 1832:168 [Proceedings of the Committee of Science and Correspondence of the Zoological Society of London 1830-31 (pt 1); ref. 4944] Mauritius, Mascarenes, southwestern Indian Ocean. No types known. Senior synonym of Balistes lineopunctatus Hollard 1854, which is obvious from the detailed original description (see Fricke 1989: 589). We are tentatively treating this name in the synonymy of Xanthichthys lineopunctatus (Hollard 1854) due to prevailing usage of the latter name. •Valid as Xanthichthys lima (Bennett 1832) -- (Fricke 1999:589 [ref. 24106], Parenti 2021:662 [ref. 38921]). •In the synonymy of Xanthichthys lineopunctatus (Hollard 1854) -- (see discussion above). Current status: Synonym of Xanthichthys lineopunctatus (Hollard 1854). Balistidae. Distribution: Indo-West Pacific, antiequatorial: East Africa, South Africa, Comoro Islands and western Mascarenes east to Philippines and New Guinea, north to southern Japan, south to northern Australia [if valid]. Habitat: marine.

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