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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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rivularis, Salmo Pallas [P. S.] 1773:617, 717 [Reise durch verschiedene Provinzen des russischen Reiches; ref. 18509] Basin of the river Alta├», Siberia, Russia. No types known. Spelled riuularis on p. 717, rivularis once on p. 617; first reviser not researched but riuularis probably can be regarded as a spelling error. Placed in genus Cyprinus by Bonnaterre 1788:195 [ref. 4940]. •Synonym of Phoxinus phoxinus (Linnaeus 1758) -- (Berg 1949:591 [ref. 20661], Bogutskaya & Naseka 1996:20 [ref. 22798], Kottelat 1997:73 [ref. 22952], Bogutskaya 1998:68 [ref. 23589], Sideleva 2003:9 [ref. 27815]). •Questionably a synonym of Phoxinus ujmonensis Kaschenko 1899 -- (Kottelat 2006:46 [ref. 28831]). Current status: Synonym of Phoxinus phoxinus (Linnaeus 1758). Leuciscidae: Phoxininae. Habitat: freshwater.