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paludica, Acanthopsis taenia forma de Buen [F.] 1930:34, Fig. 48 [Notas y résumenes, Instituto Español de Oceanografia; Ministerio de Marin. Madrid (Ser. 2) No. 46; ref. 17375] Fuente del Roble, Talayuela, Cáceres, Spain. No types known. Described as "Acanthopsis taenia Linnaeus 1758 forma paludica nov. form.?" Cobitis taenia paludicola Berg 1932 is an unjustified emendation. •Synonym of Cobitis taenia Linnaeus 1758, but a valid subspecies as described -- (Lelek 1987:247 [ref. 22962]). •Valid as Cobitis paludica (de Buen 1930) -- (Doadrio & Perdices 1997:59 [ref. 22679], Kottelat 1997:88 [ref. 22952], Ludwig et al. 2001:388 [ref. 25216], Kottelat & Freyhof 2007:310 [ref. 29996], Kottelat 2012:27 [ref. 32367], Corral-Lou et al. 2022:7 [ref. 39223], Doadrio et al. 2023:[19] [ref. 40299]). Current status: Valid as Cobitis paludica (de Buen 1930). Cobitidae. Distribution: Southwestern Europe: Portugal and Spain; introduced in some others waters of Spain. Habitat: freshwater.

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