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transvaaliensis, Amphilius van der Horst [C. J.] 1931:247, Fig. 1 [Annals of the Transvaal Museum v. 14 (pt 3); ref. 16340] Transvaal [now Gauteng], South Africa. Syntypes: ?SAIAB [formerly RUSI] [ex TMP] (5). Appeared in caption to Fig. 1 only; apparently retained through proofing error; figure corresponds to discussion of A. grandis on pp. 246-247; copy at CAS has hand correction (apparently by author) changing caption to "Amphilius grandis Blgr." Regarded as unavailable -- not intended as new based on text. •In the synonymy of Amphilius uranoscopus (Pfeffer 1889) -- (Skelton & Teugels 1986:59 [ref. 6192], Seegers 1996:192 [ref. 23725] as transvaalensis). Current status: Synonym of Amphilius uranoscopus (Pfeffer 1889). Amphiliidae: Amphiliinae.