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zanzibaricus, Synodontis Peters [W. (C. H.)] 1868:600 [Monatsberichte der K√∂niglichen Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin 1868; ref. 3443] Mombasa, Kenya. Lectotype: ZMB 6846. Paralectotypes: ?ZMB 22650 [ex ZMB 2646] (2). Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:323 [ref. 29155]. Lectotype selected by Poll 1971:229 [ref. 7700], but only a single specimen is explicitly mentioned by Peters, and without other evidence it would be the holotype. Also appeared as new in Peters 1869:145 [ref. 27674]. Gender of genus treated by us as masculine. •Valid as Synodontis zanzibaricus Peters 1868 -- (Poll 1971:229 [ref. 7700], Gosse 1986:151 [ref. 6194], Burgess 1989:197 [ref. 12860], De Vos 2001:48 [ref. 25362], Seegers et al. 2003:39 [ref. 28087]). •Valid as Synodontis zanzibarica Peters 1868 -- (Ferraris 2007:323 [ref. 29155]). Current status: Valid as Synodontis zanzibaricus Peters 1868. Mochokidae: Mochokinae. Distribution: Kenya, eastern Africa. Habitat: freshwater.

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