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vaillantii, Bagroides Popta [C. M. L.] 1906:228 [Notes from the Leyden Museum v. 27; ref. 18569] ?Teba [Teluk Tebaq], 0°06'11.1"N, 115°30'33.3"E, Mahakam River, eastern Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia. Holotype: RMNH 7839. Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:83 [ref. 29155]. Replacement name for Leiocassis macropterus Vaillant 1902, secondarily preoccupied by Bagroides macropterus Bleeker 1854 when both are included in Bagroides. Discussion on type locality see Grant in Laufman & Grant 2021:3 [ref. 38216]. •Valid as Bagrichthys vaillantii (Popta 1906) -- (Ng 2002:49 [ref. 26074], Ferraris 2007:83 [ref. 29155], Philasamorn & Satrawaha 2009:9 [ref. 30192], Kottelat 2013:257 [ref. 32989], Laufman & Grant 2021:1 [ref. 38216]). Replacement Name. Current status: Valid as Bagrichthys vaillantii (Popta 1906). Bagridae. Distribution: Southeast Asia: Mahakam River basin, eastern Borneo (Indonesia). Habitat: freshwater.