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taytayensis, Rasbora Herre [A. W. C. T.] 1924:264 [Philippine Journal of Science v. 24 (no. 3); ref. 2118] Pool in a dry stream between Taytay and Malampaya Sound, Palawan, Philippines. Appeared without description in Herre 1924:1568 [ref. 2120]; available as published above. •Possible synonym of Rasbora semilineata Weber & de Beaufort 1916 -- (Brittan 1954:184 [ref. 646], Liao et al. 2009:[12] [ref. 30521], Lumbantobing 2010:645 [ref. 31097], Liao et al. 2010:166 [ref. 30521]). •Valid as Rasbora taytayensis Herre 1924 -- (Kottelat 2013:155 [ref. 32989], Jamandre 2023:166 [ref. 40455]). Current status: Uncertain as Rasbora taytayensis Herre 1924. Danionidae: Rasborinae. Distribution: Southeast Asia: Palawan (Philippines) endemic. Habitat: freshwater.

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