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acanthopleurus, Hoplichthys Regan [C. T.] 1908:239, Pl. 28 (fig. 5) [The Transactions of the Linnean Society of London. Second Series. Zoology v. 12 (pt 3); ref. 3634] Saya de Malha Bank, Indian Ocean, depth over 123 fathoms. Syntypes: BMNH 1908.3.23.210-211 (2). •Valid as Hoplichthys acanthopleurus Regan 1908 -- (Smith 1986:486 [ref. 5712], Adam et al. 1998:11 [ref. 23610], Manilo & Bogorodsky 2003:S103 [ref. 27377], Nagano et al. 2014:6 [ref. 33541], Knapp 2022:601 [ref. 39727]). Current status: Valid as Hoplichthys acanthopleurus Regan 1908. Hoplichthyidae. Distribution: Western Indian Ocean: KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) and Mozambique east to Seychelles, Saya de Malha Bank, Madagascar and Maldives. Habitat: marine.

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