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hataii, Leiognathus Abe [T.] & Haneda [Y.] 1972:1, Pl. 1 (figs. 1A, 2A) [Science Report of the Yokosuka City Museum No. 19; ref. 7599] Ambon fish market, Ambon Island, Molucca Islands, Indonesia. Neotype: YCM-P 37696. Type catalog: Shibata et al. 2011:15 [ref. 31469]. Neotype designated by Kimura et al. 2003:223 [ref. 27212]; original specimens lost. •Valid as Leiognathus hataii Abe & Haneda 1972 -- (Woodland et al. 2001:2797 [ref. 26095], Kimura et al. 2003:227 [ref. 27212], Shibata et al. 2011:15 [ref. 31469] as hattai). •Valid as Photopectoralis hataii (Abe & Haneda 1972) -- (Sparks et al. 2005:316 [ref. 28434]). Current status: Valid as Photopectoralis hataii (Abe & Haneda 1972). Leiognathidae: Gazzinae. Distribution: Western Pacific: Ambon Island only. Habitat: marine.