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hannerzi, Aplocheilichthys macrophthalmus Scheel [J. J.] 1968:16, Fig. 10 [Journal of the American Killifish Association v. 5 (no. 2); ref. 19475] Small brook crossing road between Port Harcourt and Abá, eastern Nigeria. Holotype: ZMUC P352574. Paratypes: ZMUC P352575-81 (6). Type catalog: Nielsen 1974:55 [ref. 9588]. •Synonym of Aplocheilichthys macrophthalmus Meinken 1932 -- (Wildekamp et al. 1986:177 [ref. 6198]). •Synonym of Aplocheilichthys macrophthalmus Meinken 1932, but a valid subspecies as described -- (Romand in Lévêque et al. 1992:624 [ref. 21590], Lazara 2001:41 [ref. 25711]). •Valid as Poropanchax hannerzi (Scheel 1968) -- (Huber 1999:61 [ref. 25500], Huber 1999:59 [ref. 23835]). •Synonym of Poropanchax luxophthalmus (Brüning 1929). Current status: Synonym of Poropanchax luxophthalmus (Brüning 1929). Procatopodidae: Procatopodinae. Habitat: freshwater.

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