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taytayensis, Hito Herre [A. W. C. T.] 1924:703 [Philippine Journal of Science v. 24 (no. 6); ref. 2119] Small fresh-water creek, near Taytay, Palawan, Philippines. Holotype: BSMP 9357 (presumed destroyed). Paratypes: BSMP (17) presumed destroyed. Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:377 [ref. 29155]. Also appeared as Hitoichthys taytayensis Herre 1924:1570 [ref. 2120]; Haig 1952:82 [ref. 12607] was unable to determine which was first, and at the generic level she selected Hito over Hitoichthys. •Valid as Hito taytayensis Herre 1924 -- (Burgess 1989:86 [ref. 12860]). •Valid as Pterocryptis taytayensis (Herre 1924) -- (Ferraris 2007:377 [ref. 29155], Kottelat 2013:238 [ref. 32989]). •Possibly valid as Ompok taytayensis (Herre 1924) -- (Ng et al. 2018:132 [ref. 36220]). Current status: Valid as Pterocryptis taytayensis (Herre 1924). Siluridae. Distribution: Philippines. Habitat: freshwater.

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