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ravnaki, Nomorhamphus Brembach [M.] 1991:183, Fig. [Lebendgebärende Halbschnäbler; ref. 20227] Gebirgsbach bei Ban Timurung, Hochland von Maros, southern Sulawesi, Indonesia. Holotype: ZMH H7158. Paratypes: ZMH H7159 (1), plus additional material. Type catalog: Wilkens & Dohse 1993:415 [ref. 21161]. Described with two subspecies, ravnaki and australe. •Valid as Nomorhamphus ravnaki Brembach 1991 -- (Kottelat et al. 1993:87 [ref. 23448]). •Synonym of Nomorhamphus brembachi Vogt 1978 -- (Meisner 2001:245 [ref. 25599], Collette 2004:17 [ref. 27583], Huylebrouck et al. 2012:483 [ref. 32159], Kottelat 2013:294 [ref. 32989], Huylebrouck et al. 2014:208 [ref. 33515], Miesen et al. 2016:86 [ref. 34492]). Current status: Synonym of Nomorhamphus brembachi Vogt 1978. Zenarchopteridae. Habitat: freshwater.

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