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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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australis, Haplochilus calliurus var. Rachow [A.] in Stansch & Rachow 1921:26, Fig. [Bibliothek für Aquarien- und Terrarienkunde Heft 16; ref. 20448] Cap Gentil, northwestern Gabon. Syntypes: ?USNM 94143 (2). •Valid as Aphyosemion australe (Rachow 1921) -- (Radda 1980:2 [ref. 31297] as Aphyesemion australe, Wildekamp et al. 1986:198 [ref. 6198], van der Zee et al. 2007:229 [ref. 30034], Agnèse et al. 2009:57 [ref. 30120], Huber 2013:4 [ref. 33091] in subgenus Scheelsemion, Huber 2020:5 [ref. 37934], Fermon et al. 2022:252 [ref. 39448], Walsh et al. 2022:[4] [ref. 39281]). Current status: Valid as Aphyosemion australe (Rachow 1921). Nothobranchiidae. Distribution: Western-central Africa: Republic of Congo and Gabon south to Angola. Habitat: freshwater.

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