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apercna, Alepes Grant [E. M.] (ex Smith-Vaniz) 1987:173, Fig. 400 [Fishes of Australia: A popular and systematic guide; ref. 20546] Australia. No types (Smith-Vaniz specimens are at AMS and QM). Non-types: NMV A1846 (1). Brief description and a figure; name attributed to "Smith-Vaniz," but this was a manuscript name -- Grant stands as the author. See also Iwatsuki et al. 2000:112 [ref. 26368]. •See Johnson 1999:733 [ref. 25471]. •Valid as Alepes apercna Grant 1987 -- (Smith-Vaniz 1999:2686 [ref. 24833], Hutchins 2001:33 [ref. 25847], Kimura et al. in Kimura & Matsuura 2003:73 [ref. 27510], Hoese & Gates 2006:1150 [ref. 28997], Springer & Smith-Vaniz 2008:29 [ref. 31826], Larson et al. 2013:118-119 [ref. 32988]). Current status: Valid as Alepes apercna Grant 1987. Carangidae. Distribution: Australia and Indonesia. Habitat: marine.