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nicholsae, Muraenichthys Waite [E. R.] 1904:142, Pl. 17 (fig. 1) [Records of the Australian Museum v. 5 (no. 3); ref. 4561] Lord Howe Island, western side, in rock pool. Holotype (unique): AMS I.5475. Name originally appeared as nicholsae, but based on stated etymology for Mrs. T. Nichols and her daughters, therefore mandatory correction to nicholsarum. •Valid as Muraenichthys nicholsarum Waite 1904 -- (Francis 1993:158 [ref. 25479] as nicholsae, Hutchins 2001:17 [ref. 25847] as nicholsae). •Valid as Scolecenchelys nicholsarum (Waite 1904) (often as nicholsae) -- (Castle & McCosker 1999:121 [ref. 24075], McCosker et al. 2006:276 [ref. 29006], Hibino et al. 2012:182 [ref. 32443]). Current status: Valid as Scolecenchelys nicholsarum (Waite 1904). Ophichthidae: Myrophinae. Distribution: Southwestern Pacific: Lord Howe Island. Habitat: marine.

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