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nicholsae, Muraenichthys Waite [E. R.] 1904:142, Pl. 17 (fig. 1) [Records of the Australian Museum v. 5 (no. 3); ref. 4561] Lord Howe Island, western side, in rock pool. Holotype (unique): AMS I.5475. Name originally appeared as nicholsae, but based on stated etymology for Mrs. T. Nichols and her daughters, the correct species epithet would be nicholsarum. •Valid as Muraenichthys nicholsae Waite 1904 -- (Francis 1993:158 [ref. 25479], Hutchins 2001:17 [ref. 25847]). •Valid as Scolecenchelys nicholsae (Waite 1904) -- (Castle & McCosker 1999:121 [ref. 24075], McCosker et al. 2006:276 [ref. 29006], Hibino et al. 2012:182 [ref. 32443]). Current status: Valid as Scolecenchelys nicholsae (Waite 1904). Ophichthidae: Myrophinae. Distribution: Southwestern Pacific: Lord Howe Island. Habitat: marine.

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