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aburrensis, Hypostomus Posada [A.] 1909:297 [Los peces del norte de Colombia; ref. 5005] MedellĂ­n, Colombia. No types known. Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:227 [ref. 29155]. Chaetostoma is neuter, and aburrensis is an adjective; changed to aburrense (Ron Fricke, email Mar. 2016). •Valid as Hypostomus aburrense Posada 1909 -- (Isbrücker 2002:18 [ref. 27178] as aburrensis). •Valid as Chaetostoma aburrense (Posada 1909) -- (Fisch-Muller in Reis et al. 2003:379 [ref. 27061] as aburrensis, Ferraris 2007:227 [ref. 29155] as aburrensis, Lujan et al. 2015:666 [ref. 33975] as aburrensis, DoNascimiento et al. 2017:79 [ref. 35633]). Current status: Valid as Chaetostoma aburrense (Posada 1909). Loricariidae: Hypostominae. Distribution: Cauca River basin, Colombia. Habitat: freshwater.

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