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ikei, Maccullochella Rowland [S. J.] 1986:16 [Department of Agriculture New South Wales; ref. 21053] Numboida River, junction with Mann River, 29°39'S, 152°30'E, New South Wales, Australia. Lectotype: AMS I.31090. Paralectotypes: AMS I.31089-001 (1), QM I.27990 (1). Appeared first as above (not seen); then in more detail in Rowland 1993:130 [ref. 20841] with a listing of the original types and lectotype designation. •Valid as Maccullochella ikei Rowland 1986 -- (Musyl & Keenan 1992:1598 [ref. 21991], Harris & Rowland in McDowall 1996:161 [ref. 22909], Unmack 2001:1062 [ref. 25797], Allen et al. 2002:195 [ref. 25930], Paxton et al. 2006:1041 [ref. 28995], Nock et al. 2010:981 [ref. 30979]). Current status: Valid as Maccullochella ikei Rowland 1986. Percichthyidae. Distribution: Australia. Habitat: freshwater.

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