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inpai, Aguarunichthys Zuanon [J.], Rapp Py-Daniel [L. H.] & Jégu [M.] 1993:258, Figs. 2b, 6 [Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters v. 4 (no. 3); ref. 21103] Rio Solimões drainage, north of Marchantaria Island, about 15 kilometers above confluence with Rio Negro drainage, Amazonas State, Brazil. Holotype (unique): INPA 5398. Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:329 [ref. 29155]. •Valid as Aguarunichthys inpai Zuanon, Rapp Py-Daniel & Jégu 1993 -- (Burgess & Finley 1996:166 [ref. 22901], Lundberg & Littmann in Reis et al. 2003:434 [ref. 27061], Ferraris 2007:329 [ref. 29155], Sarmiento et al. 2014:192 [ref. 35004], DoNascimiento et al. 2017:92 [ref. 35633]). Current status: Valid as Aguarunichthys inpai Zuanon, Rapp Py-Daniel & Jégu 1993. Pimelodidae. Distribution: Middle Amazon River basin: Brazil, Colombia and Bolivia. Habitat: freshwater.

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