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codoniphorus, Gnathophis Maul [G. E.] 1972:1 [Bocagiana. Museu Municipal do Funchal (História Natural) No. 31; ref. 7628] Meteor Seamount, northeastern Atlantic, Meteor station 171b, 29°50.2'N, 28°23.8'W, depth 300-304 meters. Holotype: MMF 22876. Paratypes: MMF 22545 (1 + 1 c&s). •Probably a synonym of Gnathophis mystax (De la Roche 1800) -- (Bauchot & Saldanha in Whitehead et al. 1986:570 [ref. 13676]). •Valid as Gnathophis codoniphorus Maul 1972 -- (Smith 1989:521 [ref. 13285], Uiblein et al. 1999:61 [ref. 24045], Smith 2016:1691 [ref. 34556], Carneiro et al. 2019:67 [ref. 37250]). Current status: Valid as Gnathophis codoniphorus Maul 1972. Congridae: Congrinae. Distribution: Northeastern Atlantic: Meteor Seamount (Portugal EEZ) endemic. Habitat: marine.

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