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waleckii, Barbus cyclolepis Rolik [H.] 1970:401 [Bulletin de l'Académie Polonaise des Sciences, Classe 2, Série des Sciences Biologiques v. 18 (no. 7); ref. 7779] Oslawa River, Zagórz, Sanok, Poland. Holotype: Inst. Zool. Polish Acad. Sci. Warsaw 25(66)3. Paratypes: Inst. Zool. Polish Acad. Sci. Warsaw 15(66)1-2 and 4-40 (39); plus additional material. If name based on hybrids as indicated by Kotlík et al. 2002:238 [ref. 26484], then name is not available. •Synonym of Barbus peloponnesius Valenciennes 1842 -- (Kottelat 1997:49 [ref. 22952]). •Synonym of Barbus tauricus Kessler 1877, but a valid subspecies as described -- (Bogutskaya et al. in Bănărescu & Bogutskaya 2003:397, 409 [ref. 27353]). •Valid as Barbus waleckii Rolik 1970 -- (Kottelat & Freyhof 2007:134 [ref. 29996]). •Possibly based on hybrids between Barbus barbus (Linnaeus 1758) x Barbus carpathicus Kotlík et al. 2002 -- (Kotlík et al. 2002:238 [ref. 26484], Turan et al. 2018:548 [ref. 36092]). Hybrid. Current status: Valid as Barbus waleckii Rolik 1970. Cyprinidae: Barbinae. Distribution: Dniester and Vistula Rivers, Poland and Ukraine. Habitat: freshwater.

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