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lateristrigus, Pimelodes Lichtenstein [M. H. C.] 1823:112 [Verzeichniss der Doubletten des zoologischen Museums der Königl. Universität zu Berlin, nebst Beschreibung...; ref. 17525] Brazil [near Rio de Janeiro]. Holotype (unique): ZMB 3038. Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:192 [ref. 29155]. Apparently an available overlooked name; predates and the same as Pimelodus lateristrigus Müller & Troschel 1849. See Silfvergrip & Paepke 1997:170 [ref. 24006] who recognize as above. •As species inquirenda in Pimelodus -- (Lundberg & Littmann in Reis et al. 2003:440 [ref. 27061]). •Valid as Pimelodella lateristriga (Lichtenstein 1823) -- (Bockmann & Guazzelli in Reis et al. 2003:419 [ref. 27061], Ferraris 2007:192 [ref. 29155], Barriga Salazar 2014:114 [ref. 35745], Catelani et al. 2014:931 [ref. 37496], Slobodian et al. 2017:96 [ref. 35643], Silva et al. 2020:10 [ref. 37809], Meza-Vargas et al. 2021:24 [ref. 39298]). Current status: Valid as Pimelodella lateristriga (Lichtenstein 1823). Heptapteridae: Rhamdiinae. Distribution: South America: Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. Habitat: freshwater, brackish.

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