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skadarensis, Gobio gobio lepidolaemus natio Karaman [S.] 1937:60 [Glasnik Skopskog Nauchnog Drustva [Glasnik -- Bulletin de la Société Scientifique de Skopje]. v. 17; ref. 15282] Skadar Lake, in present Montenegro and Albania. Not available, infrasubspecific. Further research is needed on publication in an available way. Kottelat & Freyhof 2007:99 [ref. 29996] treat as available as above, dating to 1936. •In the synonymy of Gobio gobio (Linnaeus 1758) -- (Kottelat 1997:61 [ref. 22952], Bănărescu et al. 1999:82 [ref. 24850]). •Valid as Gobio skadarensis Karaman 1936 -- (Kottelat & Freyhof 2007:99 [ref. 29996] dating to Karaman 1936, Mendel et al. 2008:1070 [ref. 29637], Barbieri et al. 2015:53 [ref. 35029]). Infrasubspecific. Current status: Valid as Gobio skadarensis Karaman 1937. Gobionidae. Distribution: Skadar Lake basin, Greece, Montenegro and Albania. Habitat: freshwater.

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