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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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acarnanicus, Scardinius Economidis [P. S.] (ex Stephanidis) 1991:16 [Check list of freshwater fishes of Greece; ref. 23018] Acheleoos River and lakes Trichonis, Lyssimachia, Ozeros, and Amvrakia, Acheleoos River basin, Greece. Syntypes: whereabouts unknown. Appeared first as Scardinius scardafa plotizza forma acarnanicus Stephanidis 1939:26, Pl. 4 [ref. 21156] and Schmidt-Ries [ex Stephanidis] 1943:333 [ref. 23019] as infrasubspecific and not available. Dates to Economidis as above by reference to Stephanidis 1939. •Valid as Scardinius acarnanicus Economidis 1991 -- (Kottelat 1997:82 [ref. 22952], Bianco et al. 2001:115 [ref. 26729], Ketmaier et al. 2003:13 [ref. 26727] but wrongly dating to Stephanidis 1939, Bianco & Kottelat 2005:234 [ref. 29332], Kottelat & Freyhof 2007:251 [ref. 29996], Perea et al. 2010:14 [ref. 31802], Barbieri et al. 2015:63 [ref. 35029], Karataş et al. 2016:130 [ref. 34987]). Current status: Valid as Scardinius acarnanicus Economidis 1991. Leuciscidae: Leuciscinae. Distribution: Greece. Habitat: freshwater.