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bolovenensis, Poropuntius Roberts [T. R.] 1998:124, Figs. 5-6 [Natural History Bulletin of the Siam Society v. 46 (no. 1); ref. 23549] Xe Nam Noi, 300 meters downstream from primary dam site of Xe Nam Noi-Xe-Pian, Bolovens Plateau, Sekong watershead, southern Laos. Lectotype: CAS 94251. Paralectotypes: CAS 94252-54 (110, 1, 89); plus specimens listed under the other 3 morphs. Described as a species on p. 124, as the first of 4 trinominal morphs on p. 125. Roberts states (p. 124), "In this paper intraspecific trophic morphs are formally described and named as species-level trinominals." It appears Roberts apparently attempted to make these trinominal names fall within the Code of Zoological Nomenclature; but the third name in a trinomen must not be a morph. Roberts even states on p. 125, ..only in the nominate morph or subspecies of (P. bolovenensis). These morphs are considered infrasubspecific and unavailable by Kottelat 2000:46 [ref. 25040], but they were available infrasubspecific names under the Code in force in 1998, but they apparently were not validly treated as a subspecies or species in time to be available under the 2000 edition of the Code. Lectotype established by Kottelat 2000:46 [ref. 25040] who considered all specimens of the morphs as syntypes but selected Roberts' "Holotype" for the morph bolovenensis as the lectotype. Kottelat 2000 [ref. 25040] provided new names for two of Roberts' morphs, but retained the same types. •Valid as Poropuntius bolovenensis Roberts 1998 -- (Kottelat 2000:46 [ref. 25040], Kottelat 2001:69 [ref. 25780], Kottelat 2013:143 [ref. 32989], Kang et al. 2016: 375 [ref. 40055]). Current status: Valid as Poropuntius bolovenensis Roberts 1998. Cyprinidae: Cyprininae. Distribution: Southeast Asia: Mekong River basin, southern Laos. Habitat: freshwater.

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