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nudus, Sebastes (Murasoius) pachycephalus form Matsubara [K.] 1943:239 [Transactions Sigenkagaku Kenkyusyo No. 2; ref. 2905] Hakodate, Oshima Subprefecture, Hokkaido, Japan. Holotype: Imp. Fish. Inst. no. 352. Paratypes: (13). Called a form but treated as a subspecies, so regarded as available. Barsukov 2003 selected nudus as valid over Chalcogrammus. •Apparently a synonym of Sebastes pachycephalus Temminck & Schlegel 1843. •Synonym of Sebastes pachycephalus Temminck & Schlegel 1843, but a valid subspecies -- (Nakabo 2000:595 [ref. 25086], Nakabo 2002:595 [ref. 26001]). •Treated chalcogrammus and nudus as a valid species separate from S. pachycephalus, but no first reviser action taken -- (Kai et al. 2011:340 [ref. 31619]). •Valid as Sebastes nudus Matsubara 1943 -- (Lindberg & Krasyukova 1987:77 [ref. 15964], Shytko 2001:54 [ref. 26410], Yoshiaki & Nakabo 2013:551 [ref. 32653]). Current status: Valid as Sebastes nudus Matsubara 1943. Sebastidae: Sebastinae. Distribution: Western North Pacific: Japan and Korea. Habitat: marine.