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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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ramirezi, Coralliozetus Cervig√≥n [F.] 1999:63, 2 figs. [Publicaciones Ocasionales, Departamento de Investigaciones Museo del Mar No. 1; ref. 25415] Adjacent to Punta Payape on Puerto Real Island, Los Frailes Archipelago, 14 kilometers east-northeast of Margarita Island, Venezuela, depth 15 meters. Holotype: MMM 350. Paratypes: MMM 351 (3). A photograph of the species also appears on the cover of the volume. •Valid as Emblemariopsis ramirezi (Cervigón 1999) -- (Williams 2003:1767 [ref. 27109], Tyler & Hastings 2004:58 [ref. 27611], Patzner et al. 2009:470 [ref. 30396], Victor 2010:18 [ref. 31107]). •Synonym of Emblemariopsis tayrona (Acero P. 1987) -- (Victor 2020:36 [ref. 38038]). Current status: Synonym of Emblemariopsis tayrona (Acero P. 1987). Chaenopsidae. Habitat: marine.