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microstomus, Varicorhinus Nguyen [V. H.] & Doan [L. H.] 1969:13, Fig. 13 in ref. 29795 [Some data on composition, origin, and distribution of cyprinid species in northern Vietnam; ref. 25483] Ta Khoa, Son La Province, Vietnam. Lectotype: RIAH 1070. See Kottelat 2001:113, 120 [ref. 25482] for availability issues. Spelled in more than one way originally, and Kottelat 2001:120 [ref. 25482] as first reviser selected microstomus. See Nguyen & Doan 2008 [ref. 29793] for an English translation of ref. 25483 with name as microstoma. Lectotype selected by Roberts & Catania 2008:93 [ref. 29794]. The type locality (Suoi Rut) or the specimen number (1070) is incorrect. •Questionably a synonym of Onychostoma lepturus (Boulenger 1900) -- (Kottelat 2001:32 [ref. 25482]). •In the genus Onychostoma Günther 1896 -- (Roberts & Catania 2008:96 [ref. 29794], Xin et al. 2009:260 [ref. 30708]). •Questionably a synonym of Onychostoma leptura (Boulenger 1900) -- (Kottelat 2013:129 [ref. 32989]). Current status: Uncertain as Onychostoma lepturus (Boulenger 1900). Cyprinidae: Acrossocheilinae. Habitat: freshwater.

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