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ancon, Quadratus Mok [H.-K.], Saavedra-Díaz [L. M.] & Acero P. [A.] 2001:1031, Figs. 1-3 [Copeia 2001 (no. 4); ref. 25820] Between 11°29'31.8"N, 73°27'6.6"W and 11°29'47.4"N, 73°26'44.4"W, off La Punta de los Remedios, Caribbean coast of Colombia, depth 470-488 meters. Holotype (unique): INVEMAR-PEC 2412. •Valid as Paramyxine ancon (Mok, Saavedra-Díaz & Acero P. 2001) -- (Knapp et al. 2011:405 [ref. 37507]). •Valid as Eptatretus ancon (Mok, Saavedra-Díaz & Acero P. 2001) -- (based on placement of Quadratus, Angulo & Del Moral-Flores 2016:100 [ref. 34472], Mincarone et al. 2024:185 [ref. 41172]). Current status: Valid as Eptatretus ancon (Mok, Saavedra-Díaz & Acero P. 2001). Myxinidae: Eptatretinae. Distribution: Western Atlantic: Colombian Caribbean Sea. Habitat: marine.

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