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zonatus, Liparis Chernova [N. V.], Stein [D. L.] & Andriashev [A. P.] 2004:30 [California Academy of Sciences Annotated Checklists of Fishes No. 31; ref. 27592] Heishi-chao, Dalian, Liaoning Province, China. Holotype: Liaoning Mar. Fish Res. Inst. 830043. Paratypes: Liaoning Marine Fish. Research Inst. 83003 (1), 830042 (1), 830465-83 (19). Replacement name for Liparis maculatus Ding 1987, preoccupied by Liparis maculatus Malm 1865 and Liparis maculatus Krasyukova 1984. •Valid as Liparis zonatus Chernova, Stein & Andriashev 2004 -- (Chernova 2008:841 [ref. 30236]). Replacement Name. Current status: Valid as Liparis zonatus Chernova, Stein & Andriashev 2004. Liparidae. Distribution: Western North Pacific: Yellow Sea off China. Habitat: marine.

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