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punctatus, Malapterurus Norris [S. M.] 2002:91, Figs. 47b, 51 [Annales, Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale, Tervuren, Série in 8o, Sciences Zoologiques v. 289; ref. 27470] Unspecified tributary waters of Duobe River at Duo Town (Duabo), about 5°42'N, 8°06'W, Cavally River drainage, Liberia. Holotype: MRAC 80-36-P-2154. Paratypes: AMNH 32747 (2); MNHN 1963-419 (1); MRAC 73-10-P-4174-4176 (3), 80-36-P-2151-2152 (2), P-2153 (1), P-2155-2156 (2?), P-2157 (1); USNM 193876 (4). Plus non-type material. Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:302 [ref. 29155]. •Status uncertain -- valid or perhaps the same as Malapterurus cavalliensis Roberts 2000. •Valid as Malapterurus punctatus Norris 2002 -- (Ferraris 2007:302 [ref. 29155], Pezold et al. 2016:105 [ref. 34870]). Current status: Valid as Malapterurus punctatus Norris 2002. Malapteruridae. Distribution: West Africa from Sierra Leone to Liberia/Ivory Coast. Habitat: freshwater.

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